Our Kickstarter Journey

In December 2017 we launched and successfully funded our independent comic book The List #1.

In September 2019 we launched and successfully funded issue #2.

Both Kickstarters were shipped to backers successfully and arrived with backers before Christmas.

Below are articles that were published during our first Kickstarter.

First Comic News Interview.PNG

First Comics News Interview

The List #1 – Not your normal Christmas tale… Some children want more than gifts for Christmas, they want safety & freedom; this Santa will do whatever it takes to make it a reality. With a tagline like that, I had some questions. James Stimpson was nice enough to stop by First Comics News and let our readers know what The List is all about...

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Bleeding Cool - Finding the Time to Write

As a father of two very young children and working a full-time job as a games designer, I was finding it difficult to find the time to do anything, let alone write a comic book. We all think we’ve got a great story in us, but actually getting it on paper is one of the toughest things to do...

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Outright Geekery Article

I love ‘what if’ type stories. For over 40 years, Marvel has been putting out fun series about what if Spider-Man became a celebrity instead of a superhero or what if Wolverine was killed by the Hulk? In the past decade, Archie Comics regained popularity with a new series called Life With Archie that examined what if Archie married Betty or Veronica...


Comic Crusaders - Finding an Artist

he question I’ve been asked the most since I started my Kickstarter is “How did you find your artist?” It wasn’t a journey that was straightforward and took a long time. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and shortcut the process...



Santa takes out bad guys in THE LIST #1, a Kickstarter comic funding until Friday created by James Stimpson. The creators are raising money to finish the art and pay for the issue’s first print planned for November 2018...

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G33k Pop Interview

Happy Holidays, ladies and gents! Today we celebrate the festive season with a special interview, about a comic book that really interested me and I decided it would be worthwhile to share a few insider secrets about it with you guys, so I had a chat with the writer of the comic, James Stimpson. His comic is called The List and it’s about a world in which there are many Santa’s and this one, Sal, helps kids out on Christmas by protecting them in less…