Press Mentions & Reviews

For the Love of Indie - Review

A podcast review that's pretty glowing! It starts at about 6 minutes 30 but please listen to the start of it too.


Geek Vibes Nation - Review

"The List does manage to capture that essential feeling of Christmas but in its own action-packed way, with the right balance of sophisticated self-aware humor to keep it lighthearted and over-the-top action to scratch that adventurous itch"


Outright Geekery - Review

"I only hate that there’s only one issue available. But as all proceeds of the comic are going to ensure a second chapter"

Outright Geekery.JPG

The Comic Book Yeti - Review

"The concept is fun and original, and a really great read around the holidays

  • You might not think you could possibly blend noir and the holidays...and you'd be wrong. Very, very wrong."

Comic Book Yeti.JPG

First Comic News - Review

Here we see Santa not being so nice. Actually he is shown as a killing and causing much bloodshed. This Santa is hard-edged and his main job is saving children while other Santas delivers the gifts. This version of Santa Claus is unlike any you have seen before...

First Comic News.PNG

CXC - Indie Comix Club Podcast

Our review starts at about 24:25.
A really entertaining podcast where they discuss The List as well as some other comics. A great listen!

CXC - Indie Comix Club.PNG

Comic Book Resources

Today, we look at The List, James Stimpson and Liana Recchione's dark tale of a Santa who has a different mission at Christmastime than your traditional Santa Claus...


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