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The List #3 Kickstarter is LIVE

The List #3 is LIVE on Kickstarter now!

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The List #1

What if Santa saved children instead of delivering presents?


What's it about?

Sal’s not like the Santa you see in the movies. He’s not that fat, not very jolly and definitely doesn’t say “Ho ho ho”. Sal doesn’t deliver presents on Christmas Eve either, instead he gives children a better gift, freedom.

Sal struggles to come to terms with the fact that he’s only allowed to help children on Christmas Eve. He drinks away most of the year in a vain attempt to forget the things that he's seen and done.

Sal works for Santa Squad, an elite organisation of Secret Santas and their Elves who take care of Christmas each year; from delivering presents to saving children, they’ve got it covered. In charge of Santa Squad is Jesus Christ. Yes that one, it’s the celebration of his birth after all. Sal and Jesus don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. Jesus wants Sal to understand that helping the few is better than helping none but Sal thinks he can do more and vehemently disagrees with Jesus' statement of "Help them too much and they come to rely upon you".

The children Sal has to save are chosen and placed on "The List". On Christmas Eve he travels all around the world, from one timezone to the next saving children, no matter the cost.

This mature comic covers events unfolding on Christmas Eve as Sal does whatever it takes to keep kids safe.



Here are a few pages from the finished book (no spoilers)

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The List #1 - Page 4.jpg
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